• We act with skill, care and diligence

  • We act within the scope of our competence

  • We act in a way that promotes trust and the integrity of the industry

  • We will always question something if we feel that it is not ethical

  • We never discriminate against anyone and issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, size, religion, country of origin or disability. These factors have no place in the way that we deal with anyone we meet

  • We always fulfil our obligations and do what we say we will

  • We aim to meet the spirit of our professional standards and not just the letter

  • We are transparent about fees, costs and payments and referral fees or commissions

  • We pay for services within the timescale agreed and put fair treatment of suppliers at the centre of our business culture

  • We respect confidential information of our clients and potential clients

  • We communicate with our clients in a way that allows them to make informed decisions

  • We do not allow bias, conflict or interest of undue influence of others to override our professional or business judgements and obligations

  • We have a formal complaints procedure and will always respond in an appropriate and professional manner to resolve any complaint to the satisfaction of the complainant

  • We do not offer or accept gifts, hospitality or services that might suggest an improper obligation

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Main contracting
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Welfare & site setup
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