A specific soft strip subcontract will usually deal with removal of internal walls and ceilings, floor coverings, fixtures and fittings such as kitchen units, doors and frames and mechanical and electrical cables, pipes and ducts after disconnection by your M&E contractor.

Often these activities take place within otherwise occupied buildings, so we appreciate that dust and noise need to be properly controlled. Our operatives can work out of hours or at weekends.

Our operatives and supervisors are experienced and trained. Please check our training information for more details of our minimum standards.

We will also ensure that waste is managed either in accordance with your overall site waste management arrangements or we can segregate and dispose of waste as part of our contract. We will ensure that maximum benefit is gained by taking advantage of recycling opportunities and provide full documentation at the end of the works.

If asbestos is present or suspected we can arrange sampling, testing and removal.

We can price your own measured scope, or we can provide a surveyor to formulate an inventory and devise a programme to suit your timescale and budget.

Our soft strip services can be provided as a single package or in combination with one or more of our other capabilities such as cut and carve, steel installation and structural adaptions. We can also cover any making good for example infilling door openings, plaster repairs, infilling screed and general preparation for the next stage of work.

Finally, we can reinstate fire compartments than may have been breached.

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