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Health and safety

Of course, we take health and safety seriously. Our documentation is written by us, not by faceless consultants. We are happy to provide copies of the policy and risk assessments and method statements, please just ask.

Contractors health and safety scheme (CHAS)

We are proud to be accredited by CHAS and have been so for as long as anyone can remember.


We are accredited by ConstructionLine. This scheme examins our insurances, finances and other non-health and safety related capabilities, underpinned by the CHAS accreditation.

Equal opportunites

We employ hard working, hard playing clever, skilled, dedicated and wildly attractive people at all levels. We don't discriminate against any type of person. We're good like that. There really isn't an image for this unless you want something patronising, so have some artichokes instead.

Environmental policy

We have a basic environmental policy as fits a small organisation. We are working towards accreditation but in the meantime, we know what's what and don't make a mess, pollute the environment or use unlicenced waste companies. We'll update this when we get our accreditation.

Supply chain management

We use Builders Profile system to manage our supply chain. This allows us to collect information from our subcontractors such as insurance, health and safety, compliance and accreditations and to review and approve them prior to placing orders. This helps ensure that we only use companies that have all their ducks in a row.

Sustainability and waste management

Mossford is a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and holds silver membership status. This is an ongoing programme of training and action plans to enhance our knowledge and improve our performance in the areas of sustainability, recycling, waste management and climate change.


It also supports our ongoing environmental policy improvement programme and provides training and resources to ensure that we comply with anti slavery legislation.


The Supply Chain Sustainability School is an excellent free resource, supported by many of our largest contracting firms. If you need some sustainability training you could not do better. Go look at it... now...

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